Extreme Packets brings the best in high-speed Internet and digital video entertainment to apartments, student housing, the hotel and motel industry, multi-tenant properties, and planned communities. We deliver the ultimate in customer service and the finest infrastructure options for your residents and property.


Extreme Packets is Lubbock’s first locally owned premier provider of diversified communications solutions to multi-family properties. Extreme Packets connects you to the technology and services that will keep your residents satisfied and wired through the 21st Century.


By partnering with Extreme Packets, you gain an investment in the future of your property by owning the necessary infrastructure to provide services that will:

Increase your property’s value with added amenities Increase your properties attractiveness with added amenities.

Enhance your ability to lease units Retain Residents Add New revenue stream to your bottom line Build value for company and property Residential or commercial, every building is unique with distinct needs.


Extreme Packets will provide you with a customized, flexible solution that makes sense for your property or properties. We evaluate each property individually, working with you to choose the bundle of services that best meets the requirements of your residents and managing the deployments to ensure that you receives the highest level of service. As a solution-based company, we keep you at the forefront of emerging technologies and will provide you with a comprehensive information technology solution.



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